An open letter to Dr Sigmund F

Dear Sigmund
………just thought that I would drop you a line to clear the air….
Here are some pertinent facts that the lying retards overlooked.
1) I graduated from high school in 1978.
2) I served in the US Navy in 1979- to 1980…… year active and three years in the reserves……after a year in college.
3) I graduated from Hudson Valley Community College in 1981 with an associate’s degree and had matriculated
Courses from St Rose college and Siena into my degree……..also I added clep exams to my degree.
4) I completed a certification program in IBM mainframe and midrange computers in 1983.

I have the MCSD AND MCSA certifications as well as A+ n+…….lotus notes developer admin…..I have several other certs also including UNIX admin cert from the university of Minnesota …..Minneapolis (dinkytown)

I want you to know that indeed I did do testing on chips for Motorola on a UNIX platform.

Please remember what I told you about me working in GE’s MRI lab on their prototype and at Phillips MRI production line.
I am really glad that there was no Casey involved in or with the MRI issue.
Do you remember my trip to Albuquerque ?  It was all expenses paid and I was fixing ticketing software for them.
It was for the BIA…….of course…..


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