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Stay dead already……scurvies

Here is a lesson for the retarded morons out there.
A very long time ago I was hospitalised at Albany medical center…….while I was there a convicted child molester was transfered to the psyche unit…….and eventually admitted to the Capital district psychiatric center……that was after he stood in the unit and admitted that he molested a child at a pool……the molester’s name is Bill haffner…..also in the distant past I was one of the managers at a WENDY’S in Latham NY. One of the part-time employees there had been incarcerated for sexual contact with a child……,
I am neither of those people.
My landlord tried to bring the pool thing to my attention in June 2014……mentioning something about the benefit of the doubt……..
In November 2015 I was waiting for a CDTA BUS in front of my alma mater ……Hudson Valley Community college.
The students alerted me to what the landlord was up to…….that is after some dimwit student said that I had off the wall pathos and cited the Minnesota multiphase personality inventory…….and tried to make it look like making a profile to use a website is the same thing as roaming profile or one sign in …….and that I was somehow the author of this bullshit…….not me…….
I corrected her about it……..and the other students referred to her as miss zipper lips……….a few of the students alerted me to the landlord.
So there is the whack who works at a hotel called the Red carpet Inn…….who thinks that oversampling is used for DVD players…….that is technology used for compact disks.

Recently someone posted a picture on Google plus claiming that MCA developed the laserdisc and that PIONEER acquired it.
That is not really truthful. Because in 1977 in a patent infringement lawsuit MCA sued Pioneer and MCA lost the lawsuit.
So anyway when I was in high school I dated a girl whose name is Tracy Vanderbilt…..Gail peplowski even told other people that Tracy and I had dated…….and in January 2014 I commented that she and I had dated and that Gail Peplowski is the proof of it……..several people from the Albany division of cdta even made reference to it.

So now in 2016…..retarded scurve from Albany are referencing it. There is a place that I go to in Albany and I was warned about it…….Sacred Heart church …….and I had mentioned to people there that I used to work for the bureau of Indian affairs……in Albuquerque.New Mexico………Also that I had worked in the MRI LAB at GE’S global research and development center.
I have a friend whose name is Sara and she works with my sister’s neighbor connelly Reider……
So what had happened in June 2014 was that my landlord brought up Tracy and lied and said that the guy who dated Tracey after me…..dated her instead……..the students from Hudson Valley Community college mentioned that also……
I have been to Connelly reider’s house parties many times……and when I worked at GE’s research and development center my boss’s wife worked with Connelly reider’s also…..and ran into each other at a Halloween party at Connelly’s house.
So I had mentioned to people at sacred heart about my work and in November 2015 a complete stranger showed up where I was waiting for the bus and decided to pretend that some dirtbag at the rescue mission did my work at GE
And somehow that meant that my asshole sister from new Mexico had a connection to an MRI……
I actually did work on the prototype of the MRI.

I was warned to stay away from Sacred Heart…..
I have an associate’s degree from Hudson Valley Community college…..class of 1981…….
When I worked at Empire State College …..HVCC confirmed my degree…..
So what happened in 2012 my cousin Alicia died…….and I went to a gathering at a place in Rensselaer NY called
Casey’s…….and there was Alicia’s brother Davidia Zootoes…….in all of his fraud committing glory…….


The complete lack of reality

Dear Sigmund
I am writing you this note to let you know about crap that is happening. This past Wednesday (3/16/2016) I was riding the bus and some mentally ill person was sitting on the bus having a moment telling off someone that wasn’t on the bus. One of the Hispanic students from the local community college on the bus was noticeably bothered by this man……the fact that he was on the bus having a meltdown of sorts……there were black dudes on the back of the bus……also……I couldn’t help notice the man…….anway I got off the bus after the black dudes who started making it look like something was wrong with me and that I was in pursuit of them. The next day I had to go to a state office for a meeting with the office for technology….apparently the retarded black dudes are too into their own idiotic bullshit to understand the real world in which there are adults who go through life……a life in which they are irrelevant.
Before getting off the bus I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed this man in the green jacket.

To give you a little history when I was in high school I was in a ski club. My dad bought me a new parka circa 1975.
I wore it once and it disappeared from my family’s house……..many years later in_2005 I came home from work to find my house on fire. I lost everything in that fire including three kitties. Three kitties survived.
My youngest sister bought me a new coat……if you catch that one… 2014 I bought a new mattress and was in downtown albany. I was waiting for the bus to go home and one of the workers from the rescue mission showed up at the bus shelter and started projecting into the bus shelter about me. He started mentioning the color hunter green and eye glasses. And went on to project that he thought that I needed a hand with something. He proceeded to change everything around as in a church that I drove past once was where I had worshipped. A Lutheran Church of the elca synod…….when I worship with the lutheran it is the Missouri synod. He also  projected that he didn’t think that I needed IT. So needless to say I was absolutely astounded that someone would do this to me at a bus stop.
I really handed it to him but good….a couple of months later I was sitting at a bus stop waiting for the bus in front of the college and some of the students and I had a talk about it.
Because one of the students was playing with a beach ball and I accidentally got hit in the leg…,.I told the guy to relax and I wasn’t angry…and that he had more important things to worry about like getting through school and not some older guy yelling at him…….the next day some of the students clued me into a lot of the bullshit that came in my direction.  The students even mentioned the jacket and glasses and some Hispanic guy. Also the fact that my landlord had made some really off the wall comments about felonious conduct..I have never had even been a person of interest in the commission of a felony. The students mentioned the landlord and to expect an ambush in downtown Troy.
What had happened is that NY state Dept of criminal justice has a sex offender’s website. A third party content provider maintains the site. The SEU published the name of a sex offender and had a different middle initial than me.
They even went so far as to say that the offender lived in the city where I lived in is now two years later. The offender’s name is no longer listed on the website. But in November 2014 I was in downtown Troy and some mentally ill hearing impaired Hispanic whack tried to ambush me……
This is really bad. Really insulting and now need to go to the police. I don’t interact with many people in public as it  is not a good idea.

Anyway this is not good.
In 2012 my cousin died. I went to her funeral. Afterward her family had a small gathering wherein her brother tried to commit fraud agin me.
My perspective :  Hey I worked on the prototype of the MRI at GE. ….consulted with the MRI project manager for Phillips … enterprise level global  print queue……he asked for tips on it……I don’t need some whackass piece of shit trying to make it look like he did my work. Or even harassing me.
He kept referring to Google plus and Bill bixby.
The students from the college clued me into the lying…….it seems that he had been reading  the profile of one of the moderators on g+. A certain Mike R…….but calling him bill bixby….. The guy from the rescue mission kept calling him  Mike Riggs..,…it did not make sense because I did not have g+ profile and was never on g+ before…June 2014……the funeral was March 2012.
The students and my landlord clued me into the correct Name ……take the word rigs and the word bye and drop the e from them .
I am not a h8r……we chatted recently ….
Anyway some people here in NY are really loathesome to say the most. …..I wish evil on noone on g+. Noone with whom I chat either……
Anyway I am way too accomplished in life to need this in my life……too many horrible things have happened also.

Did I  tell you that when my house burned down I went inside to rescue the kitties…..three survived. Three died.

Anyway I will write you soon.

Whirling dervishes

……Dear World
……I am writing this to you to inform you of the lousy excuse of humanoid DNA that are trying to make it look like they are crossing my path ; and my thoughts regarding it.

Apparently you ( the scurve of Albany.)  Think that it wasn’t enough that my house burned down and three lives were lost before you decided to take action and show all of creation your complete lack of decency and good mental health.
That includes insisting that it is appropriate and acceptable behavior to lie and say that the tragedy of my house burning down never happened despite the facts that the schodack police department , new York state fire Marshall and my insurer all stated that it happened. Also pretending that a tragedy wherein three precious lives were lost is a reference to the dating scene………