Stay dead.

Here is more bullshit…….and why Albany police wants me to file charges against people .A very long time ago I managed a Wendy’s. I had a part time employee who worked for me who had been in prison for committing a sex crime against a child

He worked for me over 25 years ago…….So a bunch of retards startedharassing me

About it……..insisting that I had been to jail. I wasn’t incarcerated ever.

And then to add insult to injury in june of 2014 I was waiting for the bus in Albany

And an employee of the rescue mission gave me a heads up as to even more retarded bs that was coming in my direction.

NY state has a website that is the. Sex offender website……they had a name on the website that was similar to mine and the info as to where the creep had lived was similar to where I had lived.

The guy from the rescue mission told me about the bs coming in my direction.

He also told me to not trust my landlord. It went okcwith my landlord until November 2015…..when….after I renewed my lease that they told me that they didn’t want to renew it…..that was after they accepted money for the increase in rent for my security deposit.

I had a new lease and gave them money for the security…..they had the nerve to say that I had drugs in my apartment……marijuana…….claiming that it is a violation of the controlled substances act. The legal consequences of marijuana possession in

NY is the same as a parking ticket…….that is for an ounce or less.

So needless to say I still live in my apartment…….the idiot who works for the GM in the rental office is beyond being a moron…….claiming that when I tolthem about some retard yelling obscenities at me that I was retaliating somehow……the obscenities was unprovoked. Crazy people do things like that….. A week ago I was

Waiting for the bus near my apartment and some mentally ill asshole yelled things

At me unprovoked…… was in front of a lady and she something about it.


A couple of days later she brought paperwork to the office and asswipe in the office started looking out the office window at me……at which point I decided not to trust them…..the landlord……under any circumstances.

Another issue is that a bunch of retards had heard me say that when I worked in

IT  for EMPIRE state college that we used windows Nt server and workstation…….and then proceeded to harass me and lie saying that we used windows XP. WE used

Windows Nt 5 server and workstation …….the source code for XP as an OS wasn’t

Written yet………and nobody has been able to prove elsewise.

Then to boot I worked for both the NY office for children and family services and the

Federal BIA.      So a bunch of retards decided t……and that my job working for the federal BIA was the state of NY.

So when the former governormario Cuomo died I was supposed to care……and somehow was supposed to have worked for the state of new York when he was governor….george Pataki and Andrew Cuomo were governors of new York when

I  worked for the state.


Here is an example of just how much my mother and younger brother are assholeses

I graduated from college in 1981 and While I was in college I studied Latin.

Years later I was in Connecticut and went to St James church. They have a Latin inscription over the front door………AD GLORIAM DOMINI ET SAN JACOBI.

To the glory of God and St James……..I knew a now deceased Franciscan priest.

I told him my translation and said that I did fine…….years later my asshole brother lied and said that it was him…….I told my brother that his new nickname was weisal wiesell


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