Worm laced piles of halal horse shit

Recently a pile of worm laced halal horse shit pretended to have permission to be near me with it’s smelly self sharing it’s shit.

A very long time ago a lunch of scurve tried to include me in their lying output.
They were gay and I am not. They ran a floral shop in Albany. They were gutter urchins .
One of them had a boyfriend that used to sell flesh.
I am not him . I wasn’t him then and am not him now or ever. I got myself as far away from them as human!y possible……..and in 2011-12 a bunch of scurve pretended that it was somehow me. When it wasn’t me.

It is entirely stupid……when I was much younger my parents owned a 1964 Willy’s cj5. I learned how to drive on it.
A few years later they owned a 1966 Kaiser wagoneer. In 2014 a bunch of AA scurve started making up stories about me driving a green jeep grand Cherokee one made in the 90s……..and that somehow drove it near new karner road in colonie.

In 2012 when I came back to Albany the pervs and the retards pretended to have the right to put this on me.

In november2015 some whackass retard who lives on Stowe ave in Troy pretended to have the right to repeat this to me.
That was preceded by my mother last may calling me a prostitute and I am innocent.

I had a pedigree Burmese kitten die from colon failure. Her name was Constance. He parents were koshkoosh and Natasha.
Dr Phillips dvm even said so and after koshkoosh died I adopted a black cat and called him ruffio.

So the asshole sister from Taos lied to people and said that koshkoosh and ruffio were the same cat.
Constance was an $800 kitten.  The vet’s office did everything  felinely and humanly possible to save Constance.

So now in 2015……..some asswipes lied about it and harassed me because the asshole sister pretended that it was OK to lie.
In 1990 I went to NYC for the holidays and had packed my clothing. When I arrived there mostly all of the clothes that I had packed were removed from my luggage.
The fucking asshole from Taos pretended that it was somehow acceptable to go through NY luggage.
……..and then 25 years later HER mother backed her up on it. It’s her mother.
……and her mother was told that wah to wah whose nickname was mommy cat had two ears full of nastyass for her.
She was told that Luciano’s mother …..Tux……had an earful of it for her too……and that Tux had taken the broom to her because she didn’t wash her hands after using the bathroom.

So needless to say that the worm laced pile of shit in November 2015 is so fucking stupid to believe airymalice.

My cat Natasha had a litter of kittens with koshkoosh before ruffio was ever on the scene with Natasha and I.
Koshkoosh was named from one of Jack London’s books about Alaska.
Ruffio was named from the movie hook.
Airymalice is so fucking stupid that she got drunk one night and admitted that she was in love with a metermaid and
She admitted that she is exceedingly retarded. So much so that she thinks that she didn’t do anything wrong by lying and saying that koshkoosh and ruffio were the same cat.

And now anyone with internet access can read these posts and know that she is a liar and that len Burke’s father knows all about her lesbianism.

So anyway in June 2015 I bought a new bedset and went to a store in Albany the day before my mattress was delivered in order to by sheets for my new bedset. After I made the purchase I was waiting for the bus to go home.
An employee of the rescue mission showed up and started telling me that I had signaled him to be there. I know before hand that he was coming in my direction. He then proceeded to tell me that my cat who disappeared in 1998 and my cat who died in 1997 had something to do with 2005…….then it was crap about getting years wrong.

In 1997 when my cat uncas disappeared my nephew Sean and I and his father floated oragami for him. We made a raft and put symbles of his toys on it and floated the raft out into the pond……on the raft were a golf ball because he used to play soccer with a golf ball. A ladder because he used to like to climb ladders. And a few other items that represented him like some cat toys.
Eight months later chingatchgook was hit by a car near my sisters house. My sister and her family handled his death as I was extremely busy working at GE. So the guy from the rescue mission decided to lie and say that it was chingatchgook when in fact it was Uncas.

In 2005 I came home from work to find my house burning down . I went inside and three of six cats were rescued.
Tibbytabby libbytabby and Luciano died in the fire.
Mordred Tux and wah to wah were rescued.
So the guy from the rescue mission kept saying that I told him that I had signaled him something . I didn’t signal him anything……..then he proceeded to say that the southwestern bell manufacturer’s rep was really the AT&;T rep and that I had told him that…..he also told me that I had floated oragami for chingatchgook instead of Uncas……and that I had somehow told him that too.
In November of 2014 some of the students from the college near my house and I talked……about technology and the fact that I am heterosexual.
They gave me a heads up on some crap that retards were pretending.
For example……I was the Assistant to the Dean of college wide programs at Empire State College…..a couple of retards showed up on the bus that I was on and started shit as predicted by the students.
My mother had a neighbor whose name was Bernie contineli…….works part time as a telemarketer for Siena college…….Somehow that was supposed to mean that I somehow didn’t work at Empire State College.
The other bullshit that they pretended was exceptionally idiotic.
In 1998 I worked as the assistant to the Dean . We used windows Nt 5 server and workstation…….so a bunch of asswipes lied and harassed me and said that it was windows XP.
The source code for XP as an OS wasn’t written yet. So some ignorant black dude showed up where I was and lied……he left so much of a stink there that the college had to clean up where he was standing.
A decade later my asshole mother lied and said that it was about her asshole self and that she got to pretend that she got my 125 IQ.
I didn’t ask her to be there. Because after the fire I went to her house with traumatized animals and she was an asshole enough to ask me what the hell I was doing there. Then she lied and tried to make it look like she never said anything
A decade later my mother on the ten year anniversary of the fire called me all sorts of off the wall names while making reference to the fire. She also said that the animals that died were taught a lesson……and then lied and made up some moronic story about. My dating scene. In so doing she admitted to having something in common with jim culligan…….the state of being a blatant liar.

So in November 2015 some asshole black dude was waiting for the bus and pretended to admit that he lives near Stowe ave and loves and is in love with another black dude because he said that about himself.

Anyway it’s the day before new year’s eve 2015. I am here . The thing that really pissed me off is that I chat online with a guy whose name is mike Rigsby………in June of 2014…..my idiot sister and David suitto kept referring to him as Riggs…….as if I would connect…….some anonymous people clued me into the by part of his last name.
He is on Google plus……..

It was really horrid……because the guy from the rescue mission made references to my dog that died_ in 1987.

Her name was Chloe. Chloe and I won a 4h ribbon for dog obedience……so the asshole who lived in Taos decided to lie…..and blatantly lie about it……it was to cover up her becoming a lesbian . She became a lesbian because Chloe and I won a ribbon.

My landlord knew about it.
So airymalice became a lesbian because Chloe and I won a ribbon and she hung out with Glen Murray.


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