Stay rotting in hell for all I care

Here is even more .

From 2005 until 2008 I lived at red Mill Apartments on high street in Rensselaer NY. It is on the left hand side.

In 2012 a bunch of assholes made up a bunch of lies wherein THEY pretended that I had lived in the apartment complex across the from there. It allegedly was in the late 80s.

I at that time was living at my parent’s house and was working in  Orange and Duchess counties.
So needless to say it doesn’t mean that I lived anywhere other than Red Mill Apartments…….I sold commercial
laundry to the other apartment complex….

So what else came in my direction was when I worked for EMPIRE STATE WHOLESALERS I was at one of my clients
And a fucking asshole named Dan Keating showed up and walked into my clients store and started saying a bunch of really off the wall bullshit…….and then went and told a bunch of retarded asswipes that I was full of shit .
I was standing there with my briefcase and orderpad getting an order…….apparently that means that Dan Keating is an asshole drunk like his father.

This crap is getting back to my mother and asshole sister.
In 2005 when my house burned down my asshole sister who lived in new Mexico called me everyfucking day for
Two weeks. She called my cellphone and she called my mother’s house.
My fucking house burned to the fucking ground and she fucking called my house to say that her clutch in her car went bad and her life was going to get better and not mine because her clutch went bad.
My house burned to the ground and not only that but a guy named Steve reminded me that I am heterosexual and my
Brother in law works in the auto industry.
So what did the fucking asshole from new mexico do she decided to be the asshole that she is in life and said that
A pansy ass weirdo named mark Conroy needed Steve and proceeded to make up some off the wall bullshit called
An exchange principle and lied even further an said that I was exchanging what Steve said with Mark Conroy.
She even went so far as to tell her cousin Davidia Zootoes  and gluie stink about it.
Fortunately enough for me I never agreed to it and didn’t do it
This is really off the wall.
From autumn of 2012 to January 2013 I stayed at the Days Inn in colonie NY.  Somebody’s  daughter had a wedding reception there……..people that know me where at it. I wasn’t at it. I was at my room all day. They sent me a dinner plate and an old girl friend who was at the reception came and saw me.
…….in January 2014 when I moved into my apartment a couple of friendly acquaintances and I were chatting and they mentioned that of course I deserve a trophy wife …..especially after the bullshit .
They and other people mentioned TJ Maxx who has an outlet near me.
My birthday was memorial day weekend this year. My mother and my asshole sister gave me a ride home.
They stopped into TJ MAXX. My mother stood there at TJ MAXX proceeded to lie and harass me.
She pretended that it was OK to lie and say that it was my younger brother instead of me with the old girlfriend.
I am known for the fact that I worked in the MRI LAB AT GE’s R & D center. Also for working at Pillsbury’s test kitchen  research center.
Not only that I am also known for working at the bureau of Indian affairs. The contract there included a car a suite in a hotel and $50/hourly.
That sure as hell beats a beat up BMW with a bad paintjob. It even beats one from Florida too.
When I lived in Minnesota I took a class in Unix admin. My mother stood at TJ Maxx and lied about whether or not I know any UNIX .
I went to Christmas dinner at somebody’s house and their kid had a hissy fit because I had mentioned that I took a class in UNIX admin at the University of Minnesota.
Minnesota and Michigan are not the same thing. There are several states in between them.
Oh well somebody else has a problem and not me.
My asshole sister from Taos new mexico needs therapy


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