Stay in hell and not purgatory either

When I lived I schodack NY Davidia Zootoes and Jeff McCormick had fucked with the boltlock on my front door.
I bought a new bolt lock and the schodack town police came out to the house to acknowledge that I was putting a new bolt lock on the front door. I even caught Jeff McCormick near my house and the obvious part was when he saw my car and sped away. It was the middle of the day. The lock was in such bad shape that a screwdriver would open it.
The PD and I put my house on community watch.
After the house fire I got moved into an apartment and one day I called my younger brother and was joking around about prairee dogs. His response was “oh doy ….raise a hand to me and I’ll break it.”
I hung up the phone and Mordred jumped up on the table and was protecting my hands.
As was his mother and sister. Mordred’s mother and sister made several references to Mordred protecting his human. That was after the three of us had lost everything in a house fire and three other lives were lost.
A couple of years later  after wah to say died Mordred Tux and I were living in lansingburgh NY and an asshole decided to open a  account and have their job searches sent to my email account.
To this day I,still have no idea who the asshole is.
I was visiting my mother’s house who proceeded to tell an IT professional with 30 years experience how to use
I had alerted her to the fact that assholes were letting themselves into my house in my absence and were bothering
My animals……..she then proceeded to lie and blame me for it. All because she wouldn’t admit that she and her sister’s children were guilty of wrongdoing.

When I lived in lansingburgh I had spoken to a classmate of mine who is a cop. He was quite aware of the fact that
my asshole younger brother was making up stories about my girlfriend from high school and my brother’s lack of understanding of the need to respect other people’s relationships. I told him about it.
Apparently my nasty mother didn’t understand that principal…….because last may at TJ MAXX
she outright lied and pretended that it was OK to lie and say that my younger brother had my job at empire state

My entirely huge asshole sister’s friend Mark Conroy was on the golf squad in high school. Unfortunately for the fucking asshole from Taos New Mexico he wasn’t anywhere near school when I was in school.
My friend the retired police officer from Troy New York even brought that up in 2010
I have two varsity letters from when I was in high school……the cop even said ……he wasn’t even near school when we were there……..and that there is no fucking way that he could ever be as good at being a normal human being as me.
So needless to say the asshole sister that lived in Taos agreed to drop dead and return to hell.
He also admitted that AA/NA is a cult. As did I.
In 2013 one of my friends who works for a hotel in the area and I were talking and I told her that their shuttle driver had talked shit about my sexual orientation.
She came right out and said that their employee at their other hotel is gay. He has the same first name as me. Also that it is not me who is gay.
She told me that it is the black dude who was at the bus stop in front of HVCC. The one who said that he lived on Stowe ave and paid a white guys’s rent.

So last may on my birthday my mother stood in TJ MAXX and lied and pretended that it was somehow OK to lie and call me a male prostitute and then lied and said that she was making me masterbate and fantasize about her.
It’s called Oedipus complex and in June of 2015 both my friend john the retired Marine and my friend Pat alerted me to this.
My friend john the retired Marine even said that my ex girlfriend Janet did it for me……not my mother.
The rest of the world with an IQ Over 100 is able to understand that I am an accomplished individual and it is neither of them…….my older brother’s wife and her Jewish brother in law (emphasis on her brother in law.)

I tried to talk to my older brother’s wife who denied it; and kept trying to make it look like my asshole sister that lived in Taos is a good person and doesn’t do anything wrong…….stop lying for her.
That’s the same sister in law who stood in the kitchen at my mother’s house and insulted me right along with my Jewish  brother in law…..
…….my family’s house..,…the house that I grew up in……..the two of them were done before either of them opened their fucking mouths……now that the two of them caught the drift on that one.

Oh and of course it is a couple of days after Christmas and neither of them were allowed in my apartment.
Not even in my kitchen.
My mother took the box that contained the ginger jar that I gave her and asked her Jewish son in law and her
daughter from bizarro state USA and asked them to help teach her how to shove it.

One of the students at the college near my house mentioned what my mother had done last may.
…….also he mentioned that my mother and my immensely huge asshole of a sister that used to live in Taos
had asked Charlie Lockwood to shoot them in the left temple.

Also what had happened was that I used to have two cats named uncas and chingatchgook.
Uncas disappeared late in 1997. My nephew and I floated oragami for him. Chingatchgook was re-adopted to my
Sister’s house and died after being hit by car.
My asshole brother had let him out and he got hit by a car.
I went to by sheets for a new mattress and john the marine showed up and kept insisting that I had floated oragami for chingatchgook.
It was for Uncas not for chingatchgook. My older sister handled it when chingatchgook died.
He then proceeded to say that I had said that to him ….., is absurd…….as I never told him about them.
There is no fucking way that john the marine knew that either uncas or chingatchgook insisted.
He also said that Ken crawmer was the AT&T rep . he kept insisting it.
Ken Crawmer was the southwestern bell manufacturer’s rep.

At Christmas dinner this year my younger sister admitted that my older brother and his wife had stuck their heads in sand boxes and flailed their hands around after touching the asshole from Taos…….she then announced that her son is a walking talking state of being a hissy fit…..while admitting that HER sister from Taos was deeply committed to being a crack head like HER cousin MARKTHA.


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