Keep dropping dead

A bunch of worm laced piles of horseshit proved that they are just that in life. In their own lives.

From 1988 to 1990 I was the territory manager of empire state wholesalers. We were the franchised distributors of
Pioneer, southwestern bell and other brands.
In November 2014 I was waiting for the bus in front of my alma mater.
Some asswipe decided to put a retarded black chick up to something.

The name of one of my clients at empire state wholesalers was Sullivan’s dept store. In high school I had a classmate named john Sullivan…….so the retarded black chick pretended that at it was OK to lie and say that I am in my thirties and was going to sullivan’s house instead of Sullivan’s dept store
I was born in
The retarded black chick pretended that it was somehow acceptable behavior to lie and say that I was going to Sullivan’s house instead of my client.
I was born in 1960…
So needless to say there is no way that I was in my 30s in 2014.
Not even in the first decade of the 2000s.
In may of 2000 I turned 40 and had 40 roses on a rose bush in my yard.
Oh yeah five years later I was in my thirties when my house burned down.

I know that it is coming from AA scurve. I got a cqd (SOS) and heads up about it.
What happened was when my house burned down I had six domestic felines. I actually rescued three of them and three died in the fire…,.
One of the surviving cats was Mordred. What the time was a five year old intact male cat.
I stayed at my mom’s house temporarily and she told me that I needed to have him nuetured in order to stay at her house.
Three years later some whack ass retards pretended that it was OK to lie and say that my plan was for Mordred to be neutered. That is a big fat lie.
My plan was that the females were spayed and the males were intact. That was my plan . Mordred was an indoor outdoor cat and my vet told me that outdoor cats that are neutered are more likely to be victimized by other male cats.
So hey pile of shit keep fucking yourself. You don’t have input into my life or household . you are not me in my life.

The animal was just traumatised in a house fire and you tell it’s human to neuter it and then add more insult to injury by pretending that going way beyond being a little to presumptuous is acceptable behavior

In may of 2015 I turned 55 and I was in a store and my mother and sister were there.
My mother decided to stand there and make up bullshit.
The week before thanksgiving 2015 one of the students from a college near my apt told me just how much of an asshole my mother and sister are in life.


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