Happy festivus

Today is Christmas day 12/25/2015
From this day forward I will never again go to my sister’s house in guilderland when the rest of my family is there.
It isn’t worth it for me. I am someone . My sister from Taos is not. Neither is my mother.

I brought a goya novena candle for my sister to have a holiday candle . My sister’s husband and my asshole sister from Taos decided to talk about it and not one person said anything to me about it…….and the brother in law decided that it was OK to be rude. Especially when he made a comment about someone pointing it out.

Here is a message to the asshole Maryalice .
Several friends and acquaintances of mine who are African American decided along with me that Maryalice and
My brother Andy’s friend Keith McCafferty gave each other crotch rot. Also that David suitto has crotch for in his mouth and will have it in perpetuity.
Here is some of what the asshole from new Mexico did because she pretended to have the right to be a nasty asshole and try to sabotage my life.

1) an acquaintance of mine reminded me that I am heterosexual and that my brother in law is in the car business.
So what she pretended was acceptable behavior was to say that there was a pretend principal called an exchange principle wherein I was supposed to give my heterosexual orientation away to an asshole name mark Conroy.
My brother in arms whose name is being withheld agreed that Maryalice and Keith McCafferty gave each other
Crotch for.
Who but a mentally ill asshole would do this .
In 2005 my house burned down and she called me everyday for two weeks and said that her clutch broke in her car and that her life got to be better instead of mine and I had just lost everything in a house fire and three lives were lost.
A criminal to say the most.
Over the past year several people have commented that she is to be kicked to the curb.
Not only that but she got other family members to help her.

Last memorial day I went to my father’s grave for a visit. The asshole from Taos was there with my mother and went out of her way to be an asshole. She is so much of an asshole that she called my other sister and told her to hurry up and get there.
This is exceedingly stupid. The asshole along with my mother went out of their way to be nasty assholes and then blamed me…….
The rest of the world with an IQ over 80 believes that I am not the cause of anything bad or wrong.
That it is the asshole from Taos.
So it wasn’t so fun for me today and they can have each other. Right along with their Bavarian motorcars.
After all, none of them have ever been on a contract where the contract included a rental car. That trumps a Bavarian motorworks car.

Here is another one for them; caes muerto hay todavia.

Last memorial day was my 55th birthday. A bunch of good guys had a message for me. A healthy message in both
January 2014 and November 2015.

Again I went through testing with trained professional and know that I have a 125 IQ. 80 to 90 is high functioning
Retarded. Average is 110.

Some good guys gave me a heads up.
They’ve also told me not to have anything to do with any of my neighbors who live on the same floor as me in my building.
Last may my asshole mother decided to pretend that it was acceptable to say that I was injecting myself with heroin
And some piece of really smelly worm infested shit who got kicked out of the rescue mission in Albany got to pretend that he had my sexual orientation. He also got kicked out of a therapeutic community called Hope house.
Hope house is known as the last resort for people who won’t get sober.

I am known as someone who has never been injected with anything stronger than a flu shot. That is reality.

So anyway. I do and can do engineering work.
I have spent the last 37 years in the CE industry. And I have a post secondary degree.
In 2005 I was recognised by other IT workers as being an old timer in the CE industry.
I have also been told to go to a place called center of gravity…..a STEM place to come up with a marketable invention. So in 2012 my ex cousin Mark the crack head decided to show off just how much of a scurve he is in life and tried to make it look like I was giving him the result of my contract with the federal bureau of Indian affairs.
The proof is that a friend of mine who works for the rescue mission even stated that I did not do that.

What is really fucking annoying is that I have made significant contributions to technology and that my mother is
So much of an asshole the rescue mission worker told me what she would be doing in June of 2014 and she pretended that it was OK to be a fucking asshole in may of 2015.
My fucking house burned down in may of 2005……and then in may of 2015 …..my mother pretended that it was OK to stand there and pretend that her driving there while the
So last may my asshole mother came up with one lie right after another……and in so doing she agreed that she wanted to lose a son through blind ignorance.
Here is even stupider bullshit.

There is a former bankbuilding in Albany NY .
It has images of Indian Chief heads on it. I actually worked for the bureau of Indian Affairs …..federal.
So a bunch of ignorant assholes pretended that I was somehow on opiates and looked up and saw them instead
Of reality. That is so fucking stupid that the retards who came up with that one have admitted to needing therapy for the rest of their natural lives.
That is so fucking ignorant and stupid That someone would be that much of a selfish fucking asshole.

My asshole of a fucking ex sister from Taos decided tonight that she doesn’t want a brother……and her Jewish brother in law wants my brothers to be his in-laws instead.
He and my other sister have been invited to dinner several times now that they catch the drift.
Because the sister from Taos …..airymalice…….decided to beg forgiveness for her lying and saying all sorts of bullshit and then blaming my older sister and younger brother.
She’s still that stupid. To think that she isn’t anything other than a worm laced pile of horse shit who walks around
Being a lying lesbian is stupid.
Tonight after dinner she stood there and decided to be a state of lying.

My asshole mother needs to get therapy because she stood there last may and pretended that her driving to my house while it was burning down was something instead of it being my house burn down.
……and then lied and said that I somehow like living in mobile homes…….hate equals hate. I hate mobile homes

Oh and my friends and acquaintances said that my mother made Sean masterbate and have sex with her.


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