Fuck off and die already

In November  2014 I was near my college alma mater. I had to take the bus. Anyway I,was talking to a couple of
Students and a black chick started shit talk.

She and some imbecile pretended that they had permission to lie. Start with the fact that I contract to both GE’S
global research center and Pillsbury’s research test Kitchens doing IT support……..also the fact that while at GE
I had tickets escalated to me to be in the MRI LAB. Where I actually did the work.
So a bunch of assholes decided to pretend that my making $50/hourly as a programmer for the federal bureau
Of Indian affairs meant that I was somehow working for the state of new York for one half of my pay at the fed.

The black chick lied and said that some black dude did my work at GE and at the bureau.
What had happened also was that from 1998 to 2005 I lived in a single wide mobile home. In June 2005
I came home to find my home burning down……the name of the place where I lived was Pine Haven.
Three miles away was a mobile home park called creekside. Apparantly there was some guy lived there who worked at a c-store. He is much shorter than me and has red hair.
So a bunch of the other students immediately made fun of the black chick reminding her that she is miss zipper lips.

So the black chick lied and said that I had been working for a c-store. Because somebody else online worked in one.
She and other people had been reading the profiles of somebody other than myself on both linked in and Google plus. He had done some similar work to mine and people decided to lie to and about me.
I did a printer refresh/rollout for two years. I have the work references to prove it.
Also the state of new York has had problems with third party content providers for the dept. Of Criminal Justice services.
What happened was that some weirdo sex offender used to live in Connecticut. He committed sex abuse and the content provider put a name on the website similar to mine…….a different middle initial.
The black chick in 11/’14 pretended that it was me. And that the alleged offense happened near my younger brother’s old house.
I have no criminal history beyond traffic court.
So they were reading the profile of the owner of one of the communities on Google plus who also lived in a state in the midwest. The black chick even quoted a conversation that I had with a family member involving telex machines and the codes to operate them. To send it started with twx followed by a string of digits…..

My experience in the CE industry goes back to the late 70s. I have more than one post secondary degree.

Even more insulting is the fact that the red river north flows between north Dakota and Minnesota. There is the city of grand forks north Dakota and the city of East grand forks Minnesota. In the spring of 1997 the red river north flooded and after everything was said and done some guy walked into his basement in east grand forks Minnesota and found a forty pound catfish. It was all over the news.
So the retards thought that somehow it was OK to pretend that the catfish in the basement somehow meant that I was scoring and breading the catfish. There is nothing like reality and that is nothing like reality…..to add insult to injury even more retards lied and said that there was a place called west grand forks.

So go fuck yourselves in perpetuity.


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