Drop Dead already

This post really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I really want certain people to drop fucking dead already.

What I mean is very blunt to say the least. It includes everyone who pretends that they are well meaning when in reality they are the caricature of  Simon bar sinister personified. ….

Some self evident truths

At the age 49 I went through a series of tests with a trained professional and found out that my IQ is 125.
An IQ of 80 to 90 is considered high functioning mentally retarded.

  1. I have been in the CE industry since the late 70s when I was working and going to school.

2)  I have an associates degree . Empire State College and Chickasaw Nation Industries did background checks on me. As did a law enforcement agency.

3. I signed off on the new York state public officer’s law.
4. When I contracted to the Bureau of Indian Affairs I was making $50/hourly. Do the fucking math .
So some fucking idiot retards decided to pretend that it’s OK to fucking lie and say that I made half of that.
What happened was that in 2005 I contracted to the NY STATE Office of Children and family Services at
40 north pearl st. In Albany NY . l worked there as the Senior Software Field Services Rep. On the last day of my
Contract I came home to find my house was on fire. I lost everything and three lives were lost.
Three years later I contracted to GE power systems .
Five years later I was in Albuquerque New Mexico working for the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs.
My contract at the bureau included airline tickets (roundtrip) a sum total of six…..from alb to abq.
A rental car ….a suite in a hotel and $50 hourly.

So what happened to piss me off was that a bunch ill intentioned retards pretended that it was OK to lie and
Say that my job for the bureau was for the state of new York and not the federal government.
Then to boot they furthered their lying ways and made up stories about imaginary drug use and pretended that
They were CASACS and were rehabilitating me.
Here’s a hint you ignorant worm laced piles of shit…….I’ve never been injected with anything stronger than a flu shot.
I drink so infrequently that it’s hilarious……..I don’t smoke weed because that shit stinks……it’s expensive and I don’t like the effect…,
My car that came with the contract in new Mexico had a new Mexico license plate not a federal government
GS plate because I was a contractor and government service cars are difficult to requisition.

So go fuck yourselves……..I don’t care if you like me or not. Keep your explanations of technology and networking to yourself if you’re coming from the perspective that you know more than me.
There are some people with whom I have no quarrel …..a hint is or are some of the comments that I made on g+
About when I worked in QAQC at the manufacturing level of ce while taking classes in college.

I worked in the MRI LAB at GE’s global research center at Niskayuna NY. I also contracted to PHILLIP’S
MRI production facility in Latham NY. While I was there the onsite project manager called me into his office and
asked for tips in the design phase of a global (enterprise level) print queue. ……the reference making it enterprise level being that you could send a print job to it in Latham NY and walk into their hq in Europe and as long as your ID
BADGE was active along with your signin credentials and print the job out in GHENT.

So needless to say I really am sure that retards with attitude problems need to keep it to themselves.

I am really sure that Alex Tayler has decided to go to his favorite sex toy store and bought a dildo to fuck himself.
Alex Tayler posted an embedded HTML link to one of my posts on g+.
The HTML link is to a wikipedia page that stated a lie that states that Phillips made a video cassette recorder called
VCR systems……..meanwhile there is a wikipedia entry that correctly states that JVC owns the patent for VHS.
The correct post even states that it is VHS or beta.
There is also a post that talks about the vcr format wars of VHS or beta.

So go fuck yourself….
Recently a good guy alerted me to a thief and a liar who was trying to defraud me. The thief and a liar who tried to defraud me……..pretended that it was OK to do what liars do best…,..he also pretended that he was me in my life.
Recently a tenant was evicted from my building . I had told everyone in my building to not include me in the bullshit.
The tenant that was evicted had several confrontations with one of the other tenants. The local PD was called to my building at 0300 hours…..so recently some whack was waiting for the bus and pretended that it was OK to blame me for the tenant being evicted instead of doing it to the guy with whom he had the confrontations. I am going to the police. THe tenant who used to live upstairs from me started shit with me because he had a 25 year old BMW with a bad paint job…….my Toyota Camry that came with my contract for the bureau of Indian affairs trumps a 25 year old BMW that has a bad paint job…….also that the creepy wierdos don’t understand that it was a thousand dollar car…….
And what they are doing to me constitutes fraud, libel and defamation of character……also the whack who blamed me for a tenant being evicted tried to make it look like someone else in my apartment complex is watching my coming and goings from my apartment complex.

Oh and for the record……..in January of 2014………I had sent a message to a bunch of students near where I live.
The message included phrases such as grow or go from a perspective of the CE industry at large…….and that I had
Also done such things as build a booth for an electronics manufacturer called Randix…..the booth was used for the
CE show……at that time ….both in Chicago and Las Vegas…….
I used to work at Empire State College in Saratoga Springs NY……WE used NT 5 server and workstation.
The same bunch of retards pretended that it was OK to lie and say that I was making it up about NT and that the school used XP..
YOU ARE so fucking retarded that you’ll never be able to prove yourself……..you need to start by explaining how EMPIRE STATE college was using XP instead of NT when the source code for XP wasn’t even written yet.

Oh you’re so fucking brilliant……..from 1997 to 2001 Empire State College was using XP instead of NT and the
source coding for XP wasn’t written .
Oh you’re so fucking brilliant.

So fucking explain that one away you ignorant louses.

y  the MRI  worked for both Sylvan 

Prometric….. As a network installer………I worked for the Bureau of  Indian Affairs. I fixed software for the bureau. I literally fixed software for the bureau of Indian affairs.

So needless to say when some pissant retard on Google plus wants to make a little correction they can go correct themselves all they want and keep it to them selves

Also I have neighbor who is a congenital liar. In my apartment building there is a a basement apartment.
I moved into my apartment in January 2014. When I moved into my apartment there was a guy who lived in the basement apartment and he was and is disabled . He is disabled because when he was working as an apprenticed electrician he was zapped with high voltage electricity. He has constant care from home health aides. One of the other residents of the building tried to pass himself off as the electrician. He also lied and said that my APC
UPS was a delivery from a brown truck..
The electrician has since moved to a senior building.


Element was being added to the periodic table. My mother tried to pretendtha T it was her.a

She still is being that much of an asshole ……I told her that she is exceedingly Glad to live like a simpleton instead of pretending that it was me.

What is even more retarded is that I knew three years ago that a newly discovered d
Here is more bullshit that by writing in this blog I exorcise as being the demon that it is in life.
Today is Christmas. I went to my sister’s house for Christmas house. I brought a goya novena candle for my sister who was hosting dinner to have a holiday candle with her family.
My retarded scurve ass sister from new Mexico decided to pretend that she was a part of it. That is after three year


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