An open letter to Dr Sigmund F

Dear Sigmund
………just thought that I would drop you a line to clear the air….
Here are some pertinent facts that the lying retards overlooked.
1) I graduated from high school in 1978.
2) I served in the US Navy in 1979- to 1980…… year active and three years in the reserves……after a year in college.
3) I graduated from Hudson Valley Community College in 1981 with an associate’s degree and had matriculated
Courses from St Rose college and Siena into my degree……..also I added clep exams to my degree.
4) I completed a certification program in IBM mainframe and midrange computers in 1983.

I have the MCSD AND MCSA certifications as well as A+ n+…….lotus notes developer admin…..I have several other certs also including UNIX admin cert from the university of Minnesota …..Minneapolis (dinkytown)

I want you to know that indeed I did do testing on chips for Motorola on a UNIX platform.

Please remember what I told you about me working in GE’s MRI lab on their prototype and at Phillips MRI production line.
I am really glad that there was no Casey involved in or with the MRI issue.
Do you remember my trip to Albuquerque ?  It was all expenses paid and I was fixing ticketing software for them.
It was for the BIA…….of course…..


Stay dead already……scurvies

Here is a lesson for the retarded morons out there.
A very long time ago I was hospitalised at Albany medical center…….while I was there a convicted child molester was transfered to the psyche unit…….and eventually admitted to the Capital district psychiatric center……that was after he stood in the unit and admitted that he molested a child at a pool……the molester’s name is Bill haffner…..also in the distant past I was one of the managers at a WENDY’S in Latham NY. One of the part-time employees there had been incarcerated for sexual contact with a child……,
I am neither of those people.
My landlord tried to bring the pool thing to my attention in June 2014……mentioning something about the benefit of the doubt……..
In November 2015 I was waiting for a CDTA BUS in front of my alma mater ……Hudson Valley Community college.
The students alerted me to what the landlord was up to…….that is after some dimwit student said that I had off the wall pathos and cited the Minnesota multiphase personality inventory…….and tried to make it look like making a profile to use a website is the same thing as roaming profile or one sign in …….and that I was somehow the author of this bullshit…….not me…….
I corrected her about it……..and the other students referred to her as miss zipper lips……….a few of the students alerted me to the landlord.
So there is the whack who works at a hotel called the Red carpet Inn…….who thinks that oversampling is used for DVD players…….that is technology used for compact disks.

Recently someone posted a picture on Google plus claiming that MCA developed the laserdisc and that PIONEER acquired it.
That is not really truthful. Because in 1977 in a patent infringement lawsuit MCA sued Pioneer and MCA lost the lawsuit.
So anyway when I was in high school I dated a girl whose name is Tracy Vanderbilt…..Gail peplowski even told other people that Tracy and I had dated…….and in January 2014 I commented that she and I had dated and that Gail Peplowski is the proof of it……..several people from the Albany division of cdta even made reference to it.

So now in 2016…..retarded scurve from Albany are referencing it. There is a place that I go to in Albany and I was warned about it…….Sacred Heart church …….and I had mentioned to people there that I used to work for the bureau of Indian affairs……in Albuquerque.New Mexico………Also that I had worked in the MRI LAB at GE’S global research and development center.
I have a friend whose name is Sara and she works with my sister’s neighbor connelly Reider……
So what had happened in June 2014 was that my landlord brought up Tracy and lied and said that the guy who dated Tracey after me…..dated her instead……..the students from Hudson Valley Community college mentioned that also……
I have been to Connelly reider’s house parties many times……and when I worked at GE’s research and development center my boss’s wife worked with Connelly reider’s also…..and ran into each other at a Halloween party at Connelly’s house.
So I had mentioned to people at sacred heart about my work and in November 2015 a complete stranger showed up where I was waiting for the bus and decided to pretend that some dirtbag at the rescue mission did my work at GE
And somehow that meant that my asshole sister from new Mexico had a connection to an MRI……
I actually did work on the prototype of the MRI.

I was warned to stay away from Sacred Heart…..
I have an associate’s degree from Hudson Valley Community college…..class of 1981…….
When I worked at Empire State College …..HVCC confirmed my degree…..
So what happened in 2012 my cousin Alicia died…….and I went to a gathering at a place in Rensselaer NY called
Casey’s…….and there was Alicia’s brother Davidia Zootoes…….in all of his fraud committing glory…….

The complete lack of reality

Dear Sigmund
I am writing you this note to let you know about crap that is happening. This past Wednesday (3/16/2016) I was riding the bus and some mentally ill person was sitting on the bus having a moment telling off someone that wasn’t on the bus. One of the Hispanic students from the local community college on the bus was noticeably bothered by this man……the fact that he was on the bus having a meltdown of sorts……there were black dudes on the back of the bus……also……I couldn’t help notice the man…….anway I got off the bus after the black dudes who started making it look like something was wrong with me and that I was in pursuit of them. The next day I had to go to a state office for a meeting with the office for technology….apparently the retarded black dudes are too into their own idiotic bullshit to understand the real world in which there are adults who go through life……a life in which they are irrelevant.
Before getting off the bus I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed this man in the green jacket.

To give you a little history when I was in high school I was in a ski club. My dad bought me a new parka circa 1975.
I wore it once and it disappeared from my family’s house……..many years later in_2005 I came home from work to find my house on fire. I lost everything in that fire including three kitties. Three kitties survived.
My youngest sister bought me a new coat……if you catch that one… 2014 I bought a new mattress and was in downtown albany. I was waiting for the bus to go home and one of the workers from the rescue mission showed up at the bus shelter and started projecting into the bus shelter about me. He started mentioning the color hunter green and eye glasses. And went on to project that he thought that I needed a hand with something. He proceeded to change everything around as in a church that I drove past once was where I had worshipped. A Lutheran Church of the elca synod…….when I worship with the lutheran it is the Missouri synod. He also  projected that he didn’t think that I needed IT. So needless to say I was absolutely astounded that someone would do this to me at a bus stop.
I really handed it to him but good….a couple of months later I was sitting at a bus stop waiting for the bus in front of the college and some of the students and I had a talk about it.
Because one of the students was playing with a beach ball and I accidentally got hit in the leg…,.I told the guy to relax and I wasn’t angry…and that he had more important things to worry about like getting through school and not some older guy yelling at him…….the next day some of the students clued me into a lot of the bullshit that came in my direction.  The students even mentioned the jacket and glasses and some Hispanic guy. Also the fact that my landlord had made some really off the wall comments about felonious conduct..I have never had even been a person of interest in the commission of a felony. The students mentioned the landlord and to expect an ambush in downtown Troy.
What had happened is that NY state Dept of criminal justice has a sex offender’s website. A third party content provider maintains the site. The SEU published the name of a sex offender and had a different middle initial than me.
They even went so far as to say that the offender lived in the city where I lived in is now two years later. The offender’s name is no longer listed on the website. But in November 2014 I was in downtown Troy and some mentally ill hearing impaired Hispanic whack tried to ambush me……
This is really bad. Really insulting and now need to go to the police. I don’t interact with many people in public as it  is not a good idea.

Anyway this is not good.
In 2012 my cousin died. I went to her funeral. Afterward her family had a small gathering wherein her brother tried to commit fraud agin me.
My perspective :  Hey I worked on the prototype of the MRI at GE. ….consulted with the MRI project manager for Phillips … enterprise level global  print queue……he asked for tips on it……I don’t need some whackass piece of shit trying to make it look like he did my work. Or even harassing me.
He kept referring to Google plus and Bill bixby.
The students from the college clued me into the lying…….it seems that he had been reading  the profile of one of the moderators on g+. A certain Mike R…….but calling him bill bixby….. The guy from the rescue mission kept calling him  Mike Riggs..,…it did not make sense because I did not have g+ profile and was never on g+ before…June 2014……the funeral was March 2012.
The students and my landlord clued me into the correct Name ……take the word rigs and the word bye and drop the e from them .
I am not a h8r……we chatted recently ….
Anyway some people here in NY are really loathesome to say the most. …..I wish evil on noone on g+. Noone with whom I chat either……
Anyway I am way too accomplished in life to need this in my life……too many horrible things have happened also.

Did I  tell you that when my house burned down I went inside to rescue the kitties…..three survived. Three died.

Anyway I will write you soon.

Whirling dervishes

……Dear World
……I am writing this to you to inform you of the lousy excuse of humanoid DNA that are trying to make it look like they are crossing my path ; and my thoughts regarding it.

Apparently you ( the scurve of Albany.)  Think that it wasn’t enough that my house burned down and three lives were lost before you decided to take action and show all of creation your complete lack of decency and good mental health.
That includes insisting that it is appropriate and acceptable behavior to lie and say that the tragedy of my house burning down never happened despite the facts that the schodack police department , new York state fire Marshall and my insurer all stated that it happened. Also pretending that a tragedy wherein three precious lives were lost is a reference to the dating scene………

Stay dead.

Here is more bullshit…….and why Albany police wants me to file charges against people .A very long time ago I managed a Wendy’s. I had a part time employee who worked for me who had been in prison for committing a sex crime against a child

He worked for me over 25 years ago…….So a bunch of retards startedharassing me

About it……..insisting that I had been to jail. I wasn’t incarcerated ever.

And then to add insult to injury in june of 2014 I was waiting for the bus in Albany

And an employee of the rescue mission gave me a heads up as to even more retarded bs that was coming in my direction.

NY state has a website that is the. Sex offender website……they had a name on the website that was similar to mine and the info as to where the creep had lived was similar to where I had lived.

The guy from the rescue mission told me about the bs coming in my direction.

He also told me to not trust my landlord. It went okcwith my landlord until November 2015…..when….after I renewed my lease that they told me that they didn’t want to renew it…..that was after they accepted money for the increase in rent for my security deposit.

I had a new lease and gave them money for the security…..they had the nerve to say that I had drugs in my apartment……marijuana…….claiming that it is a violation of the controlled substances act. The legal consequences of marijuana possession in

NY is the same as a parking ticket…….that is for an ounce or less.

So needless to say I still live in my apartment…….the idiot who works for the GM in the rental office is beyond being a moron…….claiming that when I tolthem about some retard yelling obscenities at me that I was retaliating somehow……the obscenities was unprovoked. Crazy people do things like that….. A week ago I was

Waiting for the bus near my apartment and some mentally ill asshole yelled things

At me unprovoked…… was in front of a lady and she something about it.


A couple of days later she brought paperwork to the office and asswipe in the office started looking out the office window at me……at which point I decided not to trust them…..the landlord……under any circumstances.

Another issue is that a bunch of retards had heard me say that when I worked in

IT  for EMPIRE state college that we used windows Nt server and workstation…….and then proceeded to harass me and lie saying that we used windows XP. WE used

Windows Nt 5 server and workstation …….the source code for XP as an OS wasn’t

Written yet………and nobody has been able to prove elsewise.

Then to boot I worked for both the NY office for children and family services and the

Federal BIA.      So a bunch of retards decided t……and that my job working for the federal BIA was the state of NY.

So when the former governormario Cuomo died I was supposed to care……and somehow was supposed to have worked for the state of new York when he was governor….george Pataki and Andrew Cuomo were governors of new York when

I  worked for the state.


Here is an example of just how much my mother and younger brother are assholeses

I graduated from college in 1981 and While I was in college I studied Latin.

Years later I was in Connecticut and went to St James church. They have a Latin inscription over the front door………AD GLORIAM DOMINI ET SAN JACOBI.

To the glory of God and St James……..I knew a now deceased Franciscan priest.

I told him my translation and said that I did fine…….years later my asshole brother lied and said that it was him…….I told my brother that his new nickname was weisal wiesell

Worm laced piles of halal horse shit

Recently a pile of worm laced halal horse shit pretended to have permission to be near me with it’s smelly self sharing it’s shit.

A very long time ago a lunch of scurve tried to include me in their lying output.
They were gay and I am not. They ran a floral shop in Albany. They were gutter urchins .
One of them had a boyfriend that used to sell flesh.
I am not him . I wasn’t him then and am not him now or ever. I got myself as far away from them as human!y possible……..and in 2011-12 a bunch of scurve pretended that it was somehow me. When it wasn’t me.

It is entirely stupid……when I was much younger my parents owned a 1964 Willy’s cj5. I learned how to drive on it.
A few years later they owned a 1966 Kaiser wagoneer. In 2014 a bunch of AA scurve started making up stories about me driving a green jeep grand Cherokee one made in the 90s……..and that somehow drove it near new karner road in colonie.

In 2012 when I came back to Albany the pervs and the retards pretended to have the right to put this on me.

In november2015 some whackass retard who lives on Stowe ave in Troy pretended to have the right to repeat this to me.
That was preceded by my mother last may calling me a prostitute and I am innocent.

I had a pedigree Burmese kitten die from colon failure. Her name was Constance. He parents were koshkoosh and Natasha.
Dr Phillips dvm even said so and after koshkoosh died I adopted a black cat and called him ruffio.

So the asshole sister from Taos lied to people and said that koshkoosh and ruffio were the same cat.
Constance was an $800 kitten.  The vet’s office did everything  felinely and humanly possible to save Constance.

So now in 2015……..some asswipes lied about it and harassed me because the asshole sister pretended that it was OK to lie.
In 1990 I went to NYC for the holidays and had packed my clothing. When I arrived there mostly all of the clothes that I had packed were removed from my luggage.
The fucking asshole from Taos pretended that it was somehow acceptable to go through NY luggage.
……..and then 25 years later HER mother backed her up on it. It’s her mother.
……and her mother was told that wah to wah whose nickname was mommy cat had two ears full of nastyass for her.
She was told that Luciano’s mother …..Tux……had an earful of it for her too……and that Tux had taken the broom to her because she didn’t wash her hands after using the bathroom.

So needless to say that the worm laced pile of shit in November 2015 is so fucking stupid to believe airymalice.

My cat Natasha had a litter of kittens with koshkoosh before ruffio was ever on the scene with Natasha and I.
Koshkoosh was named from one of Jack London’s books about Alaska.
Ruffio was named from the movie hook.
Airymalice is so fucking stupid that she got drunk one night and admitted that she was in love with a metermaid and
She admitted that she is exceedingly retarded. So much so that she thinks that she didn’t do anything wrong by lying and saying that koshkoosh and ruffio were the same cat.

And now anyone with internet access can read these posts and know that she is a liar and that len Burke’s father knows all about her lesbianism.

So anyway in June 2015 I bought a new bedset and went to a store in Albany the day before my mattress was delivered in order to by sheets for my new bedset. After I made the purchase I was waiting for the bus to go home.
An employee of the rescue mission showed up and started telling me that I had signaled him to be there. I know before hand that he was coming in my direction. He then proceeded to tell me that my cat who disappeared in 1998 and my cat who died in 1997 had something to do with 2005…….then it was crap about getting years wrong.

In 1997 when my cat uncas disappeared my nephew Sean and I and his father floated oragami for him. We made a raft and put symbles of his toys on it and floated the raft out into the pond……on the raft were a golf ball because he used to play soccer with a golf ball. A ladder because he used to like to climb ladders. And a few other items that represented him like some cat toys.
Eight months later chingatchgook was hit by a car near my sisters house. My sister and her family handled his death as I was extremely busy working at GE. So the guy from the rescue mission decided to lie and say that it was chingatchgook when in fact it was Uncas.

In 2005 I came home from work to find my house burning down . I went inside and three of six cats were rescued.
Tibbytabby libbytabby and Luciano died in the fire.
Mordred Tux and wah to wah were rescued.
So the guy from the rescue mission kept saying that I told him that I had signaled him something . I didn’t signal him anything……..then he proceeded to say that the southwestern bell manufacturer’s rep was really the AT&;T rep and that I had told him that…..he also told me that I had floated oragami for chingatchgook instead of Uncas……and that I had somehow told him that too.
In November of 2014 some of the students from the college near my house and I talked……about technology and the fact that I am heterosexual.
They gave me a heads up on some crap that retards were pretending.
For example……I was the Assistant to the Dean of college wide programs at Empire State College…..a couple of retards showed up on the bus that I was on and started shit as predicted by the students.
My mother had a neighbor whose name was Bernie contineli…….works part time as a telemarketer for Siena college…….Somehow that was supposed to mean that I somehow didn’t work at Empire State College.
The other bullshit that they pretended was exceptionally idiotic.
In 1998 I worked as the assistant to the Dean . We used windows Nt 5 server and workstation…….so a bunch of asswipes lied and harassed me and said that it was windows XP.
The source code for XP as an OS wasn’t written yet. So some ignorant black dude showed up where I was and lied……he left so much of a stink there that the college had to clean up where he was standing.
A decade later my asshole mother lied and said that it was about her asshole self and that she got to pretend that she got my 125 IQ.
I didn’t ask her to be there. Because after the fire I went to her house with traumatized animals and she was an asshole enough to ask me what the hell I was doing there. Then she lied and tried to make it look like she never said anything
A decade later my mother on the ten year anniversary of the fire called me all sorts of off the wall names while making reference to the fire. She also said that the animals that died were taught a lesson……and then lied and made up some moronic story about. My dating scene. In so doing she admitted to having something in common with jim culligan…….the state of being a blatant liar.

So in November 2015 some asshole black dude was waiting for the bus and pretended to admit that he lives near Stowe ave and loves and is in love with another black dude because he said that about himself.

Anyway it’s the day before new year’s eve 2015. I am here . The thing that really pissed me off is that I chat online with a guy whose name is mike Rigsby………in June of 2014… idiot sister and David suitto kept referring to him as Riggs…….as if I would connect…….some anonymous people clued me into the by part of his last name.
He is on Google plus……..

It was really horrid……because the guy from the rescue mission made references to my dog that died_ in 1987.

Her name was Chloe. Chloe and I won a 4h ribbon for dog obedience……so the asshole who lived in Taos decided to lie…..and blatantly lie about it……it was to cover up her becoming a lesbian . She became a lesbian because Chloe and I won a ribbon.

My landlord knew about it.
So airymalice became a lesbian because Chloe and I won a ribbon and she hung out with Glen Murray.

Stay in hell and not purgatory either

When I lived I schodack NY Davidia Zootoes and Jeff McCormick had fucked with the boltlock on my front door.
I bought a new bolt lock and the schodack town police came out to the house to acknowledge that I was putting a new bolt lock on the front door. I even caught Jeff McCormick near my house and the obvious part was when he saw my car and sped away. It was the middle of the day. The lock was in such bad shape that a screwdriver would open it.
The PD and I put my house on community watch.
After the house fire I got moved into an apartment and one day I called my younger brother and was joking around about prairee dogs. His response was “oh doy ….raise a hand to me and I’ll break it.”
I hung up the phone and Mordred jumped up on the table and was protecting my hands.
As was his mother and sister. Mordred’s mother and sister made several references to Mordred protecting his human. That was after the three of us had lost everything in a house fire and three other lives were lost.
A couple of years later  after wah to say died Mordred Tux and I were living in lansingburgh NY and an asshole decided to open a  account and have their job searches sent to my email account.
To this day I,still have no idea who the asshole is.
I was visiting my mother’s house who proceeded to tell an IT professional with 30 years experience how to use
I had alerted her to the fact that assholes were letting themselves into my house in my absence and were bothering
My animals……..she then proceeded to lie and blame me for it. All because she wouldn’t admit that she and her sister’s children were guilty of wrongdoing.

When I lived in lansingburgh I had spoken to a classmate of mine who is a cop. He was quite aware of the fact that
my asshole younger brother was making up stories about my girlfriend from high school and my brother’s lack of understanding of the need to respect other people’s relationships. I told him about it.
Apparently my nasty mother didn’t understand that principal…….because last may at TJ MAXX
she outright lied and pretended that it was OK to lie and say that my younger brother had my job at empire state

My entirely huge asshole sister’s friend Mark Conroy was on the golf squad in high school. Unfortunately for the fucking asshole from Taos New Mexico he wasn’t anywhere near school when I was in school.
My friend the retired police officer from Troy New York even brought that up in 2010
I have two varsity letters from when I was in high school……the cop even said ……he wasn’t even near school when we were there……..and that there is no fucking way that he could ever be as good at being a normal human being as me.
So needless to say the asshole sister that lived in Taos agreed to drop dead and return to hell.
He also admitted that AA/NA is a cult. As did I.
In 2013 one of my friends who works for a hotel in the area and I were talking and I told her that their shuttle driver had talked shit about my sexual orientation.
She came right out and said that their employee at their other hotel is gay. He has the same first name as me. Also that it is not me who is gay.
She told me that it is the black dude who was at the bus stop in front of HVCC. The one who said that he lived on Stowe ave and paid a white guys’s rent.

So last may on my birthday my mother stood in TJ MAXX and lied and pretended that it was somehow OK to lie and call me a male prostitute and then lied and said that she was making me masterbate and fantasize about her.
It’s called Oedipus complex and in June of 2015 both my friend john the retired Marine and my friend Pat alerted me to this.
My friend john the retired Marine even said that my ex girlfriend Janet did it for me……not my mother.
The rest of the world with an IQ Over 100 is able to understand that I am an accomplished individual and it is neither of them…….my older brother’s wife and her Jewish brother in law (emphasis on her brother in law.)

I tried to talk to my older brother’s wife who denied it; and kept trying to make it look like my asshole sister that lived in Taos is a good person and doesn’t do anything wrong…….stop lying for her.
That’s the same sister in law who stood in the kitchen at my mother’s house and insulted me right along with my Jewish  brother in law…..
…….my family’s house..,…the house that I grew up in……..the two of them were done before either of them opened their fucking mouths……now that the two of them caught the drift on that one.

Oh and of course it is a couple of days after Christmas and neither of them were allowed in my apartment.
Not even in my kitchen.
My mother took the box that contained the ginger jar that I gave her and asked her Jewish son in law and her
daughter from bizarro state USA and asked them to help teach her how to shove it.

One of the students at the college near my house mentioned what my mother had done last may.
…….also he mentioned that my mother and my immensely huge asshole of a sister that used to live in Taos
had asked Charlie Lockwood to shoot them in the left temple.

Also what had happened was that I used to have two cats named uncas and chingatchgook.
Uncas disappeared late in 1997. My nephew and I floated oragami for him. Chingatchgook was re-adopted to my
Sister’s house and died after being hit by car.
My asshole brother had let him out and he got hit by a car.
I went to by sheets for a new mattress and john the marine showed up and kept insisting that I had floated oragami for chingatchgook.
It was for Uncas not for chingatchgook. My older sister handled it when chingatchgook died.
He then proceeded to say that I had said that to him ….., is absurd…….as I never told him about them.
There is no fucking way that john the marine knew that either uncas or chingatchgook insisted.
He also said that Ken crawmer was the AT&T rep . he kept insisting it.
Ken Crawmer was the southwestern bell manufacturer’s rep.

At Christmas dinner this year my younger sister admitted that my older brother and his wife had stuck their heads in sand boxes and flailed their hands around after touching the asshole from Taos…….she then announced that her son is a walking talking state of being a hissy fit…..while admitting that HER sister from Taos was deeply committed to being a crack head like HER cousin MARKTHA.

Stay rotting in hell for all I care

Here is even more .

From 2005 until 2008 I lived at red Mill Apartments on high street in Rensselaer NY. It is on the left hand side.

In 2012 a bunch of assholes made up a bunch of lies wherein THEY pretended that I had lived in the apartment complex across the from there. It allegedly was in the late 80s.

I at that time was living at my parent’s house and was working in  Orange and Duchess counties.
So needless to say it doesn’t mean that I lived anywhere other than Red Mill Apartments…….I sold commercial
laundry to the other apartment complex….

So what else came in my direction was when I worked for EMPIRE STATE WHOLESALERS I was at one of my clients
And a fucking asshole named Dan Keating showed up and walked into my clients store and started saying a bunch of really off the wall bullshit…….and then went and told a bunch of retarded asswipes that I was full of shit .
I was standing there with my briefcase and orderpad getting an order…….apparently that means that Dan Keating is an asshole drunk like his father.

This crap is getting back to my mother and asshole sister.
In 2005 when my house burned down my asshole sister who lived in new Mexico called me everyfucking day for
Two weeks. She called my cellphone and she called my mother’s house.
My fucking house burned to the fucking ground and she fucking called my house to say that her clutch in her car went bad and her life was going to get better and not mine because her clutch went bad.
My house burned to the ground and not only that but a guy named Steve reminded me that I am heterosexual and my
Brother in law works in the auto industry.
So what did the fucking asshole from new mexico do she decided to be the asshole that she is in life and said that
A pansy ass weirdo named mark Conroy needed Steve and proceeded to make up some off the wall bullshit called
An exchange principle and lied even further an said that I was exchanging what Steve said with Mark Conroy.
She even went so far as to tell her cousin Davidia Zootoes  and gluie stink about it.
Fortunately enough for me I never agreed to it and didn’t do it
This is really off the wall.
From autumn of 2012 to January 2013 I stayed at the Days Inn in colonie NY.  Somebody’s  daughter had a wedding reception there……..people that know me where at it. I wasn’t at it. I was at my room all day. They sent me a dinner plate and an old girl friend who was at the reception came and saw me.
…….in January 2014 when I moved into my apartment a couple of friendly acquaintances and I were chatting and they mentioned that of course I deserve a trophy wife …..especially after the bullshit .
They and other people mentioned TJ Maxx who has an outlet near me.
My birthday was memorial day weekend this year. My mother and my asshole sister gave me a ride home.
They stopped into TJ MAXX. My mother stood there at TJ MAXX proceeded to lie and harass me.
She pretended that it was OK to lie and say that it was my younger brother instead of me with the old girlfriend.
I am known for the fact that I worked in the MRI LAB AT GE’s R & D center. Also for working at Pillsbury’s test kitchen  research center.
Not only that I am also known for working at the bureau of Indian affairs. The contract there included a car a suite in a hotel and $50/hourly.
That sure as hell beats a beat up BMW with a bad paintjob. It even beats one from Florida too.
When I lived in Minnesota I took a class in Unix admin. My mother stood at TJ Maxx and lied about whether or not I know any UNIX .
I went to Christmas dinner at somebody’s house and their kid had a hissy fit because I had mentioned that I took a class in UNIX admin at the University of Minnesota.
Minnesota and Michigan are not the same thing. There are several states in between them.
Oh well somebody else has a problem and not me.
My asshole sister from Taos new mexico needs therapy

Keep dropping dead

A bunch of worm laced piles of horseshit proved that they are just that in life. In their own lives.

From 1988 to 1990 I was the territory manager of empire state wholesalers. We were the franchised distributors of
Pioneer, southwestern bell and other brands.
In November 2014 I was waiting for the bus in front of my alma mater.
Some asswipe decided to put a retarded black chick up to something.

The name of one of my clients at empire state wholesalers was Sullivan’s dept store. In high school I had a classmate named john Sullivan…….so the retarded black chick pretended that at it was OK to lie and say that I am in my thirties and was going to sullivan’s house instead of Sullivan’s dept store
I was born in
The retarded black chick pretended that it was somehow acceptable behavior to lie and say that I was going to Sullivan’s house instead of my client.
I was born in 1960…
So needless to say there is no way that I was in my 30s in 2014.
Not even in the first decade of the 2000s.
In may of 2000 I turned 40 and had 40 roses on a rose bush in my yard.
Oh yeah five years later I was in my thirties when my house burned down.

I know that it is coming from AA scurve. I got a cqd (SOS) and heads up about it.
What happened was when my house burned down I had six domestic felines. I actually rescued three of them and three died in the fire…,.
One of the surviving cats was Mordred. What the time was a five year old intact male cat.
I stayed at my mom’s house temporarily and she told me that I needed to have him nuetured in order to stay at her house.
Three years later some whack ass retards pretended that it was OK to lie and say that my plan was for Mordred to be neutered. That is a big fat lie.
My plan was that the females were spayed and the males were intact. That was my plan . Mordred was an indoor outdoor cat and my vet told me that outdoor cats that are neutered are more likely to be victimized by other male cats.
So hey pile of shit keep fucking yourself. You don’t have input into my life or household . you are not me in my life.

The animal was just traumatised in a house fire and you tell it’s human to neuter it and then add more insult to injury by pretending that going way beyond being a little to presumptuous is acceptable behavior

In may of 2015 I turned 55 and I was in a store and my mother and sister were there.
My mother decided to stand there and make up bullshit.
The week before thanksgiving 2015 one of the students from a college near my apt told me just how much of an asshole my mother and sister are in life.

Happy festivus

Today is Christmas day 12/25/2015
From this day forward I will never again go to my sister’s house in guilderland when the rest of my family is there.
It isn’t worth it for me. I am someone . My sister from Taos is not. Neither is my mother.

I brought a goya novena candle for my sister to have a holiday candle . My sister’s husband and my asshole sister from Taos decided to talk about it and not one person said anything to me about it…….and the brother in law decided that it was OK to be rude. Especially when he made a comment about someone pointing it out.

Here is a message to the asshole Maryalice .
Several friends and acquaintances of mine who are African American decided along with me that Maryalice and
My brother Andy’s friend Keith McCafferty gave each other crotch rot. Also that David suitto has crotch for in his mouth and will have it in perpetuity.
Here is some of what the asshole from new Mexico did because she pretended to have the right to be a nasty asshole and try to sabotage my life.

1) an acquaintance of mine reminded me that I am heterosexual and that my brother in law is in the car business.
So what she pretended was acceptable behavior was to say that there was a pretend principal called an exchange principle wherein I was supposed to give my heterosexual orientation away to an asshole name mark Conroy.
My brother in arms whose name is being withheld agreed that Maryalice and Keith McCafferty gave each other
Crotch for.
Who but a mentally ill asshole would do this .
In 2005 my house burned down and she called me everyday for two weeks and said that her clutch broke in her car and that her life got to be better instead of mine and I had just lost everything in a house fire and three lives were lost.
A criminal to say the most.
Over the past year several people have commented that she is to be kicked to the curb.
Not only that but she got other family members to help her.

Last memorial day I went to my father’s grave for a visit. The asshole from Taos was there with my mother and went out of her way to be an asshole. She is so much of an asshole that she called my other sister and told her to hurry up and get there.
This is exceedingly stupid. The asshole along with my mother went out of their way to be nasty assholes and then blamed me…….
The rest of the world with an IQ over 80 believes that I am not the cause of anything bad or wrong.
That it is the asshole from Taos.
So it wasn’t so fun for me today and they can have each other. Right along with their Bavarian motorcars.
After all, none of them have ever been on a contract where the contract included a rental car. That trumps a Bavarian motorworks car.

Here is another one for them; caes muerto hay todavia.

Last memorial day was my 55th birthday. A bunch of good guys had a message for me. A healthy message in both
January 2014 and November 2015.

Again I went through testing with trained professional and know that I have a 125 IQ. 80 to 90 is high functioning
Retarded. Average is 110.

Some good guys gave me a heads up.
They’ve also told me not to have anything to do with any of my neighbors who live on the same floor as me in my building.
Last may my asshole mother decided to pretend that it was acceptable to say that I was injecting myself with heroin
And some piece of really smelly worm infested shit who got kicked out of the rescue mission in Albany got to pretend that he had my sexual orientation. He also got kicked out of a therapeutic community called Hope house.
Hope house is known as the last resort for people who won’t get sober.

I am known as someone who has never been injected with anything stronger than a flu shot. That is reality.

So anyway. I do and can do engineering work.
I have spent the last 37 years in the CE industry. And I have a post secondary degree.
In 2005 I was recognised by other IT workers as being an old timer in the CE industry.
I have also been told to go to a place called center of gravity…..a STEM place to come up with a marketable invention. So in 2012 my ex cousin Mark the crack head decided to show off just how much of a scurve he is in life and tried to make it look like I was giving him the result of my contract with the federal bureau of Indian affairs.
The proof is that a friend of mine who works for the rescue mission even stated that I did not do that.

What is really fucking annoying is that I have made significant contributions to technology and that my mother is
So much of an asshole the rescue mission worker told me what she would be doing in June of 2014 and she pretended that it was OK to be a fucking asshole in may of 2015.
My fucking house burned down in may of 2005……and then in may of 2015 … mother pretended that it was OK to stand there and pretend that her driving there while the
So last may my asshole mother came up with one lie right after another……and in so doing she agreed that she wanted to lose a son through blind ignorance.
Here is even stupider bullshit.

There is a former bankbuilding in Albany NY .
It has images of Indian Chief heads on it. I actually worked for the bureau of Indian Affairs …..federal.
So a bunch of ignorant assholes pretended that I was somehow on opiates and looked up and saw them instead
Of reality. That is so fucking stupid that the retards who came up with that one have admitted to needing therapy for the rest of their natural lives.
That is so fucking ignorant and stupid That someone would be that much of a selfish fucking asshole.

My asshole of a fucking ex sister from Taos decided tonight that she doesn’t want a brother……and her Jewish brother in law wants my brothers to be his in-laws instead.
He and my other sister have been invited to dinner several times now that they catch the drift.
Because the sister from Taos …..airymalice…….decided to beg forgiveness for her lying and saying all sorts of bullshit and then blaming my older sister and younger brother.
She’s still that stupid. To think that she isn’t anything other than a worm laced pile of horse shit who walks around
Being a lying lesbian is stupid.
Tonight after dinner she stood there and decided to be a state of lying.

My asshole mother needs to get therapy because she stood there last may and pretended that her driving to my house while it was burning down was something instead of it being my house burn down.
……and then lied and said that I somehow like living in mobile homes…….hate equals hate. I hate mobile homes

Oh and my friends and acquaintances said that my mother made Sean masterbate and have sex with her.